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    Welcome to the Russian Federation
    CIS - FSU - formerly the USSR !

    Ladies and Gentlemen, friends, welcome to Moscow !
    Please rise for the National Anthem of the Russian Federation ....

    A new Russia has emerged - transformed - wiser - democratic and just - free and optimistic ...
    Thank you for taking part in this wonderful development and for the friendship and support which you have shown us.

    Your spirit of volunteering side by side with your Russian friends and hosts has been, and will be no doubt also in the years to come a source of inspiration for many more volunteers joining our ranks. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

    May the rise of the new Russia in which you can pride yourself of having taken part, be a rich reward for all your efforts !

    "God bless our Russian Motherland,its Leaders,its Sons and Daughters,its Friends and Allies"

    Former Soviet Republics

    Commonwealth of Independent States


    Changing of the Guard

    May 7, 2012

    We salute our Leaders and wish them Good Luck !


    Thank you President Medvedev - Welcome back President Putin

    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Last President
    of the Soviet Union
    Boris Yelsin
    First President
    of the Russian Federation
    Vladimir Putin
    2nd/3rd President
    of the Russian Federation
    Prime Min. May 2008
    Dmitry Medvedev
    inaugurated 7 May 2008
    as the 4th President
    of the Russian Federation
    2012 became Prime Min.
    Vladimir Putin
    5th President
    of the Russian Federation
    7 May 2012
    3rd term in office

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  • The Order of St. George

  • 67th Victory Day - Moscow 2012


    Victory Day Parade
    9 May 2012 - RT.COM

    Video - Victory Day Parade 9 May 2012

    May 9, 2011 - Victory Day Military Parade

    Red Square - Moscow - Russian Federation

    23 Feb


    С праздником - Поздравляю !

    Happy Holiday and Congratulations on the " Defender of the Fatherland " Day !

    The Defender of the Fatherland Day (День защитника Отечества Den Zashchitnika Otechestva)
    is celebrated on 23 February and is a day of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    Russia honors those who are presently serving in the Armed Forces and those who have served in the past.
    During the era of the Soviet Union, it was called the Red Army Day or the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy,
    celebrating the day of the first mass draft of the Red Army in Petrograd and Moscow
    or of the first combat action against the invading German forces.
    The holiday was established in 1918.

    Marxists Archives

    SOVIET MUSIC (English & Russian songs)


    Союз Советских Социалистических Республик

    гимн союза советских - (на русском)

    ANTHEM OF THE SOVIET UNION - English Version

    The amazing story of the Afro - American Paul Leroy Robeson
    a Civil Rights Movement activist and supporter of the USSR

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

    ,Russian: Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik (SSSR), also called Soviet Union , Sovšetsky Soyšuz), was a state in much of the northern region of Eurasia that existed from 1922 until 1991. The list of republics in the Soviet Union varied over the time. In its final years it consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics (S.S.R.'s).
    Russia was by far the largest Republic in the Soviet Union, dominating in nearly all respects: land area, population, economic output, and political influence. The territory of the Soviet Union also varied, and in its most recent times approximately corresponded to that of the late Imperial Russia, with notable exclusions of Poland and Finland.
    The political organization of the country was defined by the only recognized political party, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

    History of the Soviet Union

    SOVIET UNION - Dream and Reality

    The Soviet Dream of progress and communist accomplishments
    the molding of a new Society - Rude Awakening - Collapse of the SU 1991

    KPRF Poster on the 95th anniversary of the October Revolution - 1917 - 2012

    Communist Party of the Russian Federation (92 seats in the State Duma per last election Dec 2011), living the past and yearning for its return

    Nikita Khrushchev - First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - September 14, 1953 – October 14, 1964

    Stalin called everyone who didn't agree with him an "enemy of the people." He said that they wanted to restore the old order, and for this purpose, "the enemies of the people" had linked up with the forces of reaction internationally. As a result, several hundred thousand honest people perished. Everyone lived in fear in those days. Everyone expected that at any moment there would be a knock on the door in the middle of the night and that knock on the door would prove fatal ... People not to Stalin's liking were annihilated, honest party members, irreproachable people, loyal and hard workers for our cause who had gone through the school of revolutionary struggle under Lenin's leadership. This was utter and complete arbitrariness. And now is all this to be forgiven and forgotten? Never!

    About this site:
    This site is mainly about the heroic people of the former Soviet Union.

    Oppression based on suspicions once unleashed deprived many citizens of basic freedom and self-development of talents and intellect, necessary for growth into a healthy nation.

    The 1917 revolution and the brutal , rutheless killing of the Royal Russian Family  fore-boded reign by iron fist.

    The brutal forces unleashed and manifested through a rutheless dictatorship with Stalin at its helm, is one of the darkest chapters in Russian History.
    The quest for modernisation and the enormous accomplishments during his reign and the state appartus he commandeered are praiseworthy, yet cannot be justified due to the high cost and the loss of lives through starvation and state-terror used to force huge populations into quasi slavery and fear for ones life.

    The flame of crowning success is darkened and distorted by the harsh and in-human policies applied to achieve the goals at any costs ! - The Gulags and Labor Camps are a somber witness of these brutal measures imposed.

    Progress based on terror and severe punishments for non-compliance, state-policy that trampels over corpses and is based on sweat,blood and tears,is a dreadful legacy and witness unto the millions that perished in its unfolding ....
    We owe these victims respect and those who contributed to their dire fates must ask their forgiveness for the attrocities and hardships they were forced to endure ...
    People need and seek freedom at all costs ! Tyranny , Despotism and brutal force is doomed to downfall in the long-run !
    These terrible mistakes must never be repeated, these crimes must never be committed again.
    A people can only unfold its full potentional in freedom and happiness !! - Gone are the darker days - never to return !

    Today the new Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS are fully committed to freedom, prosperity and happiness in a transformed,democratic,just and open society.

    We all must look forward and improve, improve and never cease to improve and learn from past mistakes and failures !

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