RMON PMOH - RUSNAS - Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия - Москва -Санкт Петербург
RHIO - Russian Heritage International Organisation - Moscow - St. Petersburg

История - Наследие - Культура - Искусство

RHIO - Russian Heritage International Organisation
Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия

Head Office Moscow - Russian Federation

" для России, искусства и мира "
" Serving Russia, the Arts and Peace "



Activities / Purpose

REI - Russianenvoys - International
Moscow- St.Petersburg - Berlin-Jerusalem
Headoffice - Moscow - Russian Federation

Intl Volunteers Org serving the Russian Compatriots Community, Russian Intl Org & Institutions in Russia - CIS - FSU and Abroad

JHLC Jerusalem Holy Land Center

PMOH-Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим
St. Sergius Metochion
Russian Compound - Jerusalem
Russian Bureau Tel Aviv - Israel
Russian Presence in the Holy Land
Support,Research, Coordination, Cultural Centers
Russian Diplomatic Corps,Russian Church,Russian NGO's and Partner Liaisons

Soviet Union Historical Society
Sovietskoe Istoricheskoe Obshestvo
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:Saint Petersburg/Tel Aviv
Researches the History of the Soviet Union and its heroic people
Organizes lectures/seminars/workshops for academia and general audiences
Its Saint War Veterans divison organizes memorials and keeps in contact with individual soldiers,families and veteran welfare org.

Russian International Affairs Society
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:St.Petersburg,Tel Aviv
Supports and provides PR for the Russian - CIS - FSU Institutions
Public Diplomacy Liaison - close cooperation with Compatriots Societies and Russian Representations Abroad
International Friendship & Solidarity Societies

Obshestvo IRAS
Intl Russian Admin Support - Cultural Affairs

Russia,CIS - FSU & Abroad

IRAS Russia-CIS Division:
Russian & Inter-CIS-FSU Relations

Branches & Representations, Liaisons to Art Societies & Russian Cultural Centers within the CIS and FSU Republics

Moscow-St.Petersburg - Sevastopol - Tbilisi - Baku - Tashkent - Minsk

IRAS International Division:
International Relations,Partnerships,Affiliations

Branches & Representations, Liaisons to Art Societies & Russian Cultural Centers Abroad

Headoffice Moscow - Russian Federation

For the promotion of Russian Art and Culture ,Russian-speaking Writers,Poets,Artists - Literature - in Russia,CIS,FSU and Abroad
Admin. Support for International Russian Institutions & Organizations

VVS(OBB)-Valerie Vishnevskaya Society for Russian Affairs - Russia
Oбщество Валери Вишневская
Москва -СанктПетербург
Independent PMOH Affiliate
Moscow-Saint Petersburg
Berlin - Jerusalem
Close cooperation with the PMOH-RUSNAS Divisions & Affiliates
especially RIAS - Public Diplomacy Liaison

Establishment of VVS(OBB) Art Salons for the Promotion of Russian Art - Culture - Heritage

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