RMON PMOH - RUSNAS Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия - Mockba
RHIO-Russian Heritage International Organization - Moscow - Russian Federation
Russian Heritage International Travel


Russian Heritage International Travel is a new dynamic Incoming and Outgoing Tourism Promoter and Organizer in Russia and abroad, with its headoffice in Moscow and branch in St. Petersburg - Russia.

Its international offices include Berlin, Kiev, Budapest, Vienna , Zurich and Jerusalem. Our company is known for its professionalism, reliability and outstanding customer service."

"Russian Heritage International Travel specializes in Russian Heritage tourism for Groups, Individuals (F.I.T),Private Tours,Incentive Tours,as well as Pilgrimages
to Jerusalem,the Holy Land - Svetaija Zemla

RMON PMOH - RUSNAS.ORG - RHIO Russian Heritage International Org - Travel Div. - Moscow - Jerusalem - Holy Land, and Overseas