PMOH (RMON) - Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия - Москва -Санкт Петербург
RHIO - Russian Heritage International Organisation - Moscow - St. Petersburg

RHIO - Russian Heritage International Organisation
Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия

Head Office Moscow - Russian Federation

" для России, искусства и мира "
" Serving Russia, the Arts and Peace "

PMOH (RMON) - головная организация
RHIO - Umbrella Organisation
Organizational Chart - Overview - Level 1



Activities / Purpose

Russian Heritage Centers
Russkie Centri Nasledie
Moscow- St.Petersburg - Berlin-Jerusalem
Headoffice - Moscow - Russian Federation

Liaison Offices to Russian Cultural Centers & Institutions,involving Lectures/Exhibitions,Language Seminars/Workshops,Meeting Facilities
RHIO Jerusalem Holy Land Center
PMOH-Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим
St. Sergius Metochion
Russian Compound - Jerusalem
Russian Presence in the Holy Land
Research, Coordination and Cultural Center
Russian Gov,Russian Church,Russian NGO's and Partner Liaisons
Russia-CIS Internet Portals
O'seas Gateways to Russia - CIS
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Promoting Russia-CIS in the Internet
Search engines and web-site promotions
Seeking constantly new links and info sources
Soviet Union Historical Society
Sovietskoe Istoricheskoe Obshestvo
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:St.Petersburg/Tel Aviv
Researches the History of the Soviet Union and its heroic people
Organizes lectures/seminars/workshops for academia and general audiences
Its Saint War Veterans divison organizes memorials and keeps in contact with individual soldiers,families and veteran welfare org.
Russian International Art Societies
Russkie Mezhdunarodnie Obshestva Iskusstva
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Umbrella Org for the promotion of Russian Art and Artists in Russia and Abroad

Sponsors the regional/local PMOH (RMON) - RHIO and Partner activities
Obshestvo IRAS
Intl Russian Literature & Art Society
Russia,Ukraine,CI States & Abroad

Общество ИРАС - международное Российское общество литературы и искусства
IRAS Russia-CIS Division:
Russian & Inter-CIS Relations

Branches & Representations, Liaisons to Art Societies & Russian Cultural Centers within the CIS and former SU Republics

Moscow-St.Petersburg - Odessa - Tbilisi - Baku - Tashkent - Minsk

IRAS International Division:
International Relations,Partnerships,Affiliations

Branches & Representations, Liaisons to Art Societies & Russian Cultural Centers Abroad

Berlin - Hamburg - Munich - Vienna - Jerusalem - Tel Aviv - London - Paris - USA - China
Headoffice Moscow - Russian Federation

Art Division of the RHIO (PMOH)

For the promotion of Russian Art and Culture ,Russian-speaking Writers,Poets,Artists - Literature - in Russia,Ukraine,other CI States and Abroad
Sponsor Administration

Member of RIAS-RMOI
VVS(OBB)-Valerie Vishnevskaya Society - Russia
Oбщество Валери Вишневская
Москва -СанктПетербург
Imperial Russia 1868 VVS(OBB) Art Salons
Establishment of VVS(OBB) Art Salons for the Promotion of Russian Art - Culture - Heritage
Member of RIAS-RMOI

Administrator : PMOH/Obshestvo IRAS - Media Internet Publishing - Moscow-Berlin-Jerusalem - Head Office: Moscow - Russian Federation

(establ. June 2004) in Moscow , Berlin and Jerusalem - All rights reserved - 2005 - 2010

Russian Traditions - Russian History - Russian Culture - Russian Literature - Russian Art - Russian Folklore -Russian Language
Russian Hospitality -Russian Peace Promotions

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R-H-I-O (PMOH)- Russian Heritage International Org. -Russkie Mezhdunarodnie Obshestvo Nasledie - H.O.Moscow - Russian Federation - Mission Overview