R-H-I-O Russian Heritage International Org. -Russkie Mezhdunarodnie Obshestvo Nasledie (RMON) - H.O.Moscow - Russian Federation - Mission Overview


Russian Heritage International Organisation

Russkie Mezhdunarodnie Obshestvo Nasledie

Head Office Moscow - Russian Federation

The R-H-I-O (PMOH)  Umbrella Organisation



Activities / Purpose

Russian Heritage Centers
Russkie Centri Nasledie
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:St.Petersburg/Hamburg/Tel Aviv
Russian Culture Lectures/Exhibitions
Language Seminars/Workshops
Meeting Facilities
Russia-CIS Internet Portals
O'seas Gateways to Russia - CIS
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Promoting Russia-CIS in the Internet
Search engines and web-site promotions
Seeking constantly new links and info sources
Soviet Union Historical Society
Sovietskoe Istoricheskoe Obshestvo
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:St.Petersburg/Hamburg/Tel Aviv - internatl local chapters
Researches the History of the Soviet Union and its heroic people
Organizes lectures/seminars/workshops for academia and general audiences
Russian International Art Societies
Russkie Mezhdunarodnie Obshestva Iskusstva
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:St.Petersburg/Hamburg/Tel Aviv
Umbrella Org for the promotion of Russian Art and Artists in Russia and abroad

Sponsors the regional/local R-H-I-O RHC (RMON-RCN) and RIAS (RMOI) activities
Obshestvo IRAS
Israeli-Russian Art Society
Israelska-Russka Obshestvo Iskusstva
Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Haifa
Branches:Beer-Sheva,Ashkelon,Liason Office Moscow
Israeli-Russian Art Society for the promotion of Russian Artist Immigrants
Member of RIAS-RMOI
Under patronage of the RHC Jerusalem
Travel and Tourism Org
Moscow- Berlin-Jerusalem
Branches:St.Petersburg/Hamburg/Tel Aviv
Promoting Russian Heritage Tourism
Organizes Fam Trips /Groups /Incentive Travel
Sponsors the regional/local R-H-I-O RHC (RMON-RCN) activities

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Russia will always be a part of our Being,wherever we are - She will never forget us, nor will we ever forget her.